Seal has been a supplier of OEM/ODM Electronics to Vertical Industries including Consumer Retail, Sports, Correctional, Education, and Medical Industries since 1987. We specialize in assisting our Customers to reduce manufacturing costs by outsourcing to factories in Asia. We are an American managed Corporation based in Hong Kong with operational office in Shenzhen, China. Our clients are typically manufacturers, importers, distributors and resellers of Electronic products in the Consumer, Commercial or Industrial sectors. Our clients utilize our services when their own internal manufacturing operations have become too costly, or their current local vendor is underperforming in terms of cost, quality, lead-time and other key factors.


Seal is certainly in a position to help you develop your new projects or re-design current products and implement these steps on behalf of clients by meeting in person and teleconferencing with you and your sales & marketing and technical people each step of the way.


Seal has a deep understanding of Chinese Manufacturing, about helping its clients get custom-manufactured, labor-intensive products at competitive manufacturing costs.


Seal has been a supplier of OEM/ODM Electronics to vertical industries including Consumer Retail, Sports, Correction, Education, Prison and Medical Industries since 1987.


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