About Seal

We specialize in assisting our customers to reduce manufacturing costs by outsourcing to factories in Asia. We are an American managed Corporation based in Hong Kong with operational offices in Shenzhen, China.

Our clients are typically manufacturers, importers, distributors and resellers of Electronic products in the consumer, commercial or industrial sectors. Our clients utilize our services when their own internal manufacturing operations have become too costly, or their current local vendor is under performing in terms of cost, quality, lead-time and other key factors. Whether you are interested in a complete turn-key manufacturing project, or are just looking for assistance in successfully navigating the ins and outs of doing electronics product sourcing and procurement in Asia, we can assist you, as your loyal and supporting expert local staff.

Seal’s role is a unique blend of Western Sales and Engineering consulting, superior customer service, and hands-on supervision of production, quality, delivery, and protection of OEM's proprietary information at our supporting factories in Asia. Direct factory supervision is conducted by bilingual Engineering and Project Management personnel in our China office (Shenzhen). This structure gives our customers the virtual benefits of having their own offshore manufacturing site without the expense and time of establishing a presence of your own in Asia.