Technical Documentation Writing Process



A typical documentation project has four steps:
1. Understand the project
2. Evaluate the project
3. Establish the documentation process
4. Complete the project


Understand the project

Every technical writing job is different.
The first step is to understand the client requirements.

Here are a few of our standard questions:

    •  What media (e.g. hardcopy manual, online help, Internet/Intranet-based) do you require?

•  Who are the end users?
•  What is their level of expertise?
•  Is there existing documentation?
•  Will translation be required?
•  What sort of artwork (if any) will be needed?
•  What is the timeline?


Evaluate the project

After understanding the client requirements, the next step is to evaluate if we can produce what you want to achieve.


Establish the documentation process

When we are certain we can produce what you want, the next step is to work out a process to achieve it.

There are two main facets in the documentation process:
•  Identifying project milestones, and
•  Establishing a review cycle.

A project milestone is an interim deliverable (e.g. a draft copy) submitted on a specified date. Project milestones enable accurate tracking of documentation progress. A review cycle is the time needed to review a section of the documentation. Review cycles containing only small sections of documentation do not over-burden your workload. They also identify false premises at the outset, which reduces re-writing, re-reviewing and helps keep the project focused.


Complete the project

After we are in agreement with the scope of work and how to achieve your project goals, the final step is to complete the task to your satisfaction.


After Sales Services

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